Nadja Wallaszkovits

Nadja Wallaszkovits studied musicology and audio engineering in Vienna and has been working as sound engineer for national and international recording companies at the Vienna Concert House.

In 1998 she joined the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences where she managed the audio department as a specialist for audio restoration, rerecording and digital archiving for over 20 years.

Currently she is Professor for Conservation of New Media and Digital Information at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.

She is consultant for archival technology for archives worldwide, has given training courses and project support for numerous international institutions and is guest lecturer at Universities in Vienna, Berlin and Berne.

She has a wide experience in specific trainings for all relevant archival and transfer topics, including storage and conservation, restoration, digitisation of analogue audio media, as well as machine alignment, digital restoration and several more related fields.

Nadja Wallaszkovits is Audio Engineering Society (AES) Past President, member of AES Technical and Standards Committees, and IASA (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives) Technical and Training & Education Committees (IASA Certified Trainer).